Welcome to the massage salon Čista pozitiva

Massage salon Čista pozitiva is placed in the very center of Ljubljana city in the Emonec Hotel. 

We try to make the environment as relaxed as possible, to make your massage experience the best you have ever had. 

Our salon provides 12 different massages.

I share my salon with a few selected masseuses, sometimes with a certified phisiotherapist. The massages and therapies we provide are always practiced individually, they are performed professionaly and are very pleasant. 

We also provide you with the possibility of couples massages, thanks to the two rooms inside the salon, and so the both of the pair can enjoy their couple massage individually, and yet close enough at the same time.

Find out for yourself, why a lot of customers already have "their own weekly appointment".

A few scenes from our salon
Meet us

Staša Tajana


Taja and Ana

Who is Staša Tajana

In the year of 2006 i stepped into the stress-free world. That was when i completed my first massage courses and slowly, and unknowingly, started to "prepare the terrain" for my life path. By then i have already been "escaping" the everyday stress by writing fairy tales and stories for the radio (radio show called Good night, children), magazines for the youngest and by writing articles for many other magazines.

The final step happened in the year of 2011, when i left for additional learning courses in London, where i gained knowledge for many different types of massage techniques (Bamboo massage, Hawaii massage, bundle massages and hot stone massage) and other treatments (Detox linings, anti-cellulite linings, reflex foot massage treatments, lymph nodes drainage)...
I have strengthened my knowledge on a nine month journey around the world; on board of a cruise ship, where, as a masseuse, never rested. I also used the knowledge and techniques of my coworkers from all around the world and mastered them out in my own way. (By the way: i also wrote a novel called Welcome aboard about my journey, impressions and sites i have seen- you can find it in my salon, in bookstores and libraries. The novel has also been translated in english, and the sequel has also been published and it's called Dear life, let it begin.
When i returned to the land, i easily dared to go on a new, independent path of a masseuse and now a Bowen therapist. I am incredibly proud of this new knowledge and i gladly share it with people, who suffer from all kinds of problems.



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